How To Care For My White Shag Rug!

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How To Care For My White Shag Rug!

.Hand Tufted Shag Rugs

You went to a store and saw this beautiful white shag rug that you decide to purchase to pull the room together.  You take it home and place in the living room next to your favorite chair so you can place your feet upon it at night and enjoy the warmth of a rug.  All is well in rug town until, months go by and you notice that is appears darker near your foot area and the fibers seem to lay down and don’t spring up like the unused area.  You decide it is time to clean and ask your local carpet cleaner to clean it while they are in the house cleaning the wall-to-wall carpet. 

They leave and you notice that the rug doesn’t look any different and you wonder if they even cleaned it until you reach down and feel the dampness of the hot water extraction.  We don’t clean these types of rugs in your home because we know that the results are not going to meet your expectations.  We take these types and all rugs back to our area rug cleaning plant because we know, that area rugs need more attention to detail and a special cleaning treatment. 

We clean area rugs as well as wall-to-wall however we don’t clean area rugs at your home or on your driveway.  We clean them in a controlled environment with Master Rug Cleaners trained in the art of obtaining the best cleaning solution for your rug.  These types require special attention in the used areas to draw out the darkness and bring them back to life.  Don’t let your carpet cleaner convince you that they can clean them on –the-spot!  Thank them kindly and call a Master Rug Cleaner like me or someone like me to come and take your rug to the right place for cleaning. 

These types of rugs are not your everyday run of the mill wall-to-wall carpets and shouldn’t be treated like they are.  Happy New Year from all of us at Carpet Care Plus to you and yours!

Until next time Rugman out!