DO You Clean Commercial Carpet?

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DO You Clean Commercial Carpet?

.Do you do Clean Commercial Carpet?


Yes we do! We have over 17 years in the commercial cleaning side of the business and we provide free estimates to our customers.  We provide the free estimates because commercial carpet is not anything like your residential carpets and hands on look at them is important.

We need to determine during the estimate what will be the best cleaning solution for your situation based on what you do for a living and how and what type of traffic occurs on your carpet. There is a difference between what a office building may need for a cleaning solution compared to a restaurant or a doctor’s office. 

We offer three methods of cleaning for commercial work and recommend based on our experience and your situation which one will obtain the best results and make your carpets look better.

Cleaning your carpets on a regular bases will save you money on replacement, beautify your work place and provide a healthier work environment for you customers and employees.

We also can clean your walk-off mats with a monthly, quarterly program to help save your carpets from the debris brought in by customers and employees.  We also offer furniture cleaning, dividers and area rug cleaning services.

If you go under our Constant Care Program, the cleanings will be discounted after the initial cleaning and can be scheduled on a monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual base.

The options are numerous and all it takes is a call to us to schedule your free commercial cleaning estimate.  Until next time Rugman out!