How To Remove Dye Bleed On A Persian Carpet

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How To Remove Dye Bleed On A Persian Carpet

How to remove dye bleed on a Persian carpet is a question we can answer for you.  We know how to remove the unwanted dye that has bled over during a incident to the carpet.  An incident could be from a washing of the rug, a solution of chemical or worst of all urine from the dog or cat.  But have no fear we can fix that for. you.

Some hand knotted rugs and even some machine made rugs can and will bleed dyes out during the washing or of the above scenarios.  The difference between us and your average carpet cleaner is, we have a rug cleaning plant with two certified Master Rug Cleaners that know how to remove past dye issues and won't create new ones.

You see we just don't clean area rugs in your home or on your driveway.  We bring them to our shop, identify country of origin and test the fibers for bleeding issues and then we take the proper precautionary measures to achieve results.  We also can handle any type of fiber that is available in rugs and know the proper cleaning methods for each.

So if your rug has a past problem with dye bleed or you want a professional to handle your family heirloom, then call the carpet cleaner that knows how to do that, Us!  Until next time Rugman Out!