What Does My Warranty Mean?

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What Does My Warranty Mean?

What Does My Carpet Warranty Mean?


Each and every carpet you purchase for your home comes with a warranty and the length of the warranty.  The key to understanding your warranty is to ask the place you purchase it from to provide you a copy of the warranty.  Each manufacturer of carpets or broadloom carpets, determines the terms of the warranty and the guarantee of your carpets performance over a period of time.

This warranty will outline the terms they must follow in replacing, repairing and the length of coverage and it will outline the terms you must follow to not void the warranty.  As an example, you buy a vehicle new from a dealership, they tell you when to change the oil, check all the mechanics and provide you a service log to ensure you maintain their warranty.  Carpets are no different, if you don’t clean them as outlined in the terms of the warranty, you will void the warranty and they will not honor the agreement.

You can clean them only with those items that have received the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute to ensure that proper equipment and solutions are used.  Keep all receipts and have them readily available if you have to call them for warranty issues. 

Always use a professional cleaner to ensure you meet the Seal of Approval and make sure the company is approved by them.  This ensures you won’t void the warranty and cost you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. 

We are a Certified Firm and all of our technicians receive professional training and certifications to ensure we provide you with the very best possible cleaning solutions for your carpets and rugs.  Using a non-professional and not having all the documentation will lead to headaches and could lead to them not taking care of your issues.  We provide a copy of the receipt for cleaning and a certificate with the technicians certified number for your files and maintain the cleaning information in our systems.

Intervals of cleaning are determined by the warranty even if you think the carpets look good they still need to be cleaned to maintain the warranty.  Cleaning your carpets add years of prolong life, makes a healthier environment and saves you money.  Email me on the contact page if you have questions about your warranty or would like to schedule a warranty cleaning.  Until next time, Rugman Out!