Spring Cleaning Yes Or No?

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Spring Cleaning Yes Or No?

Yes, the rain is still falling, Yes, mud and other particles are being tracked in so, should I Spring Clean or wait?

Look, in reality, all seasons have rain, mud and other particles that end up tracked into your carpets and waiting until the next season doesn't change that.  In fact, Spring is the best time to clean all of your fibers and refresh your indoor air quality.  Spring, is the time we need to clean the filter that is your carpet so, during the warming season when more particles enter the home, your carpet will be that good filter and trap the dry soils and improve your air quality.

If you own pets, we even recommend twice a year cleanings to improve air quality, oh, and by the way, it also will make your carpets last longer and look better.

Remember, cleaning your carpets will improve your air quality, maintain the health of your carpets and save you money on not having to replace them sooner.  Until next time, Rugman Out!