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Yes, its January and once again the season of Snow, Salt and Dirt or as I like to call it "SNIRT"  is upon us.  How many times have you already walked onto your carpet or rugs and stomped the snow and slush off your feet?  Or, how many times has one of the kids come in and tracked the snow, salt and dirt onto the carpet on their way through the house?  Many want to wait for the perfect sunny spring day with warm temps but is say, now is the time to clean.

The longer the snow, salt, and dirt stay on your carpets, the more damage to the fibers is taking place.  Each fiber in your carpets are made of optic fibers that reflect light through them.  When they become nicked up from the abbrasiveness of salt those fibers begin to reflect light in a different way then intended.  The fiber turns darker becasue of this thus, causing that walk path look.  

We recommend cleaning your carpets anytime you have a change in normal usage caused by the following, special event party in your home, heavy snow and ice followed by salting, especially if you have pets and definitely after everyone in the home has dealt with a cold.

We always say, if you can see the spot that means your carpet filter is full and time to clean it.  Don't wait until after the season is over and the damage is done, clean now and save your carpets and make them last.  Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will make them last longer not make them wear faster.   

Have a Happy New Year and until next time, Rugman out!