How To Keep Your Carpets Clean!

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How To Keep Your Carpets Clean!

How do you keep your carpets clean?  Great question to tackle some important ways and things to do and remember, Your carpets are a large investment and maintaining them will save you money in the long run.

#1 Read your warranty and ensure you follow the required profesional cleaning requirements and the requirements you need to do between cleanings.  Far too often customers wait way to long to call us for a cleaning because they don't see any signs of visible spots on their carpets.  Your carpet will hold lots of dry soils especially when new, and you won't see the dirt.  Don't wait until you see the spots clean per the directions of the warranty.

#2 Use a Professional certified firm like us, to ensure they use the proper solutions and to as not void your warranty.  Keep the receipt from the cleaning as your record of meeting or exceeding the requirements in the warranty.  We have the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute to ensure compliance.

#3 Vacuum your carpets at least twice a week and always use a safe spotter that doesn't contain in Oxidizers or reducers.  We have Spot Out and recommend it to all of our customers.  

#4 If you have pets or lots of activity on your carpets, you may need to consider cleaning more often then the warranty requires to make your carpets last

These are just a few recommendations for you to remember next time, we will look at a few more.  Until Next Time Rugman Out!