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Bringing back a lost art is something we do here at Carpet Care Plus and Robins Rug Repair.  We have found a system that allows us to match your current color in your fiber and make a dye mix that will match your carpet and eliminate bleach spots and other stains that the normal carpet cleaner can’t remove.  We are not the average carpet cleaner we, work hard to improve all aspects of our profession to ensure our customers receive the “Best Possible Cleaning Solution”. 

We can dye both commercial and residential carpets if they are nylon, wool, jute, silk or viscose because these are natural and have dye cells that allow us to penetrate them and set the dyes.

We can dye an entire carpet, spot or we can even change the current color that you choose based on the color pallet of your current carpet.  We take a picture of your current fiber and then we can show you what colors we can create from it.  Sometimes if it is a bleach spot you will want us to just dye that spot back to the original color.  The best part is, we are taking a picture of your current carpet, therefore, we can match up the color better and thus allow the dyed area to blend back in.  We can save you the cost of replacing an entire carpet

The definition of a spot is a spill or other foreign substance that can be removed through the normal professional carpet cleaning process whereas a stain, is a spill or other foreign substance that can’t be removed through a professional cleaning.  Some examples of a stain are coffee, pet issues, plants, varnish, and red or yellow dye found in some foods.  This is where we step in and fix that stain by first bleaching it out to remove the unwanted colors and then, we dye the area back to the original color eliminated that permanent stain.  This would be a separate cleaning by our trained dye personnel and would be scheduled after your regular cleaning appointment in your home.  Again, dyeing will save you from looking at that stain and the cost of replacement carpet.

Commercial applications are even greater because, if you noticed they have carpets that stretch the entire lobby and halls.  These carpets match each other and expand even into individual rooms that would lead to very costly replacement dollars when and it will happen, that an area receives a stain and leaves an ugly bleach spot.  We can match the current color and dye that area back and save thousands on replacement and return the carpet back to being nice an appearance.  In the hotel world, we all know that a customer judges a hotel based on the appearance and cleanliness.  If you have a bleach spot in any room that a customer sees, they might make a judgment of never coming back.  Repeat business and good reviews are a number one priority for any hotel.  For offices and storefronts, what better way to deliver a good first impression then ensuring all stains are removed.

Residentially we can save a homeowner thousands on replacement especially when they are looking at selling their home.  Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a carpet or flooring you won’t keep to enjoy?  We also can do vehicles, boats, RVs, campers and of course area rugs.  For more information on area rugs, see our other website 

We believe our job is to meet and exceed our customer's satisfaction and of course most of all deliver the “Best Possible Cleaning Solution” for your fibers.