How To Care For Indoor Astro Turf

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How To Care For Indoor Astro Turf

So, you have astro turf in your indoor home or business and you want to know how to maintain it?  In reality the measures for both residential and commercial are the same with the only variable being intervals for cleaning.  Lets first look at residential requirements and them commercial ones.

Residential Requirements; 

1. Vacuum at least once a week using a vacuum with a beater bar underneath.  Ensure you vac in both directions to ensure full coverage of the carpet.

2. Remove spills as soon as possible by first blotting up access liquids and then spotting with a non-residue based cleaner like our spot-out product we carry. If that doesn't remove the spot, please call a professional like me before using some off the wall product that  may cause damage to your fiber or color of your fiber.  Less is always better.

3. Once a year have your carpets professionally clean by a truck mounted system that ensures the proper temp to kill bacteria is taking place and your carpets are throughly cleaned.  A rental machine from the store doen't have this ability.  Nor, does a rental machine have the proper sprays to treat the carpets and sanitize them.

Commercial Requirements : Are the sam as above with the one expection being, you should clean more often like on a quarterly bases.  Especially if individuals are crawling, kneeling or playing on the carpet.  Waiting an entire year with the amount of activity taking place is not goo. Until Next time, Rugman Out!