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Carpet Care Plus: Certified Master Rug Cleaners

Carpet Care Plus is proud to have on staff two Certified Master Rug Cleaners, the only two certified in the Metro East. Master Rug Cleaner graduates are members of the international network of oriental and specialty rug cleaning professionals who have acheived the highest designation in the industry.  They are well versed in proper cleaning procedures, rug identification and are recognized by Wool Safe.  

They are  regular attendees of the training for repair, restoration, and conservation  provided by the Master Rug Cleaner Program in Denver, Colorado, and thanks to it we are the number one source for all oriental rug cleaning and restoration in the St. Louis area.

If you have an oriental rug and need it appraised, cleaned, or restored contact us today.

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Master Rug Cleaner Certified

Carpet Care Plus boast the only rug cleaning plant facility in the Metro East dedicated to the care and repair of oriental, persian and specialty rugs. . Everything is done in house by our certified professionals making us your choice for quality and dependable, hands-on care of your rugs. As a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, we deal with rugs from all over the world, We also can bind and serge your machine made rugs or carpet remanents for your home.  Every rug has a story they would love to hear yours.

To learn more about our Master Rug Cleaner services, or to learn about your rug, please contact us above.